Witch and frog ornament

I don't know what lies in store for this little frog but this witch is awfully excited to have caught him.  Hopefully something not too bad!  This was a very difficult and labor intense sculpture. Her beautiful face is made from paper clay sculpted over a gourd.  I cut a hole into the gourd so I could sculpt all her teeth and tongue and give her a delightful expression.  I then sculpted arms and intricate hands to hold her little frog.  The frog itself is hand sculpted as well and painted with wonderful colors and stripes.  Even his tiny eyes are painted like a real frogs. Her blouse is made from high quality German crepe paper.  I gathered it at the sleeves and then shaped it to form her blouse.  Around her neck is a piece of Venetian lace tied with a tiny black and white stripe silk ribbon.  She has a spooky black cape as well that is sewn on in the back.  Her lustrous wavy black hair is  Tibetan lambs wool. Her hat has sparkling German glass glitter brim and a fun buckle threaded with black and white satin ribbon.  She is a larger ornament that can be displayed on a tree on hung from a peg. She is approximately 7" long and about 3" wide with an additional  1 1/2" for the hanger. She is a one of a kind original and I use no molds or stencils. A Halloween treasure you will enjoy for many years to come. She will come with a signed name tag as well. Thank you so much for sharing my art with me. Please feel free to contact me with questions or to purchase.
 Thank you, Tammy

~sold~ thank you so much!

Price is $110.00

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