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March Offering

 ~~ Monster Eyeball Wand ~~

18" Tall --- the Eyeball is 3" round.
 This is no small wand.  Nice and large!

Are you a Halloween lover in need of a wand?  
Maybe this Wicked Wand is for you? 

The Monster Eyeball has been hand crafted/sculpted out of paper clay that has been sanded, painted, stain and sealed.  I then added my secret to making great looking veins and sealed again. 

 (I learned this technique from one of my FX friends!)  

The Monster Eye was then attached to an antique bobbin that was painted and aged.  A ruffly, fabric collar and hand crafted party hat with glittered bat embellishments were then added to give the piece some eye candy.   To finish it off, there is a mirrored knob at the end of the stick.  This is so pretty and gives the piece a nice weight to it.  Rusty pumpkin bells were added so you can rattle your wand to your 
heart's content!

How do you use your Wicked Wand?  You can display it on a wall, place it in a vase full of candy as a centerpiece, or just hold it while wearing your Halloween costume.  Either way it will be wickedly fun and totally unique.  Who has an eyeball wand out there?  Not many, I'm sure.

Your Wicked Wand will come specially wrapped just for you!  
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

 This is a one-of-kind piece that is signed and dated.

$45.00, plus $10.00 shipping

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