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Welcome to SpookyTime Jingles! Where Sweet & Spooky Commingle!!. We are a juried online marketplace dedicated to unique original works of Halloween and Christmas art everyday of the year. Our gifted artisans truly represent the very best in holiday artists from all over the US and Canada. Google our artisans and see for yourself ;)

How do I shop on SpookyTimeJingles (aka STJ)?

Each artist has an avatar (picture) below that links directly to their art-filled pages. The new pieces update on the 13th of each month. You will find at the bottom of EACH page buttons that say PREVIOUS artist & NEXT artist. These buttons make it easy to do the "circuit" to see each artist's page. We suggest that you start at the beginning with the very first artist to start your viewing of wonderful handcrafted artisan treasures and do the STJ circuit by clicking the Next Artist button at the bottom of every page. This insures you will not miss a single treasure! If you find a piece(s) you must have, simply email the artist for availability (contact info is provided on every page) and let them know what piece(s) you would like from them. It is that easy!

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